Nikolaos Michalopoulos


Professor Nikolaos Michalopoulos graduated from the Department of Chemistry (University of Athens, 1984) and obtained a Master (1985) and then a PhD (1989) from the University of Paris VII (France) in Atmospheric Sciences. After a postdoctoral stay in Germany (1989-1991) and military service (1991-1993), he was elected Assistant Professor at the University of Crete (1993). In 1999 he was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor and since 2003 he has been Professor in Environmental Chemistry at the same University. Since 2013 he is Director of the Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development (IERSD) of the National Observatory of Athens (NAO) and from 2013-2020 he was Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NAO.
His expertise is in the field of atmospheric chemistry and physics. He has been a visiting professor at the University of Sapporo in Japan, the Max-Planck Institute of Chemistry in Germany and the Cyprus Institute. He has participated in more than 50 research projects (30 as coordinator) funded by European and national institutions and has been a member of the Organizing and Scientific Committees of 15 National and International Conferences. He has published more than 350 articles in scientific journals (2 in Nature, 1 in Science) and more than 600 presentations in international conferences that have received more than 15,000 citations. He has taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Greek and foreign universities and research centres and has supervised 16 PhD theses, 36 postgraduate theses and more than 60 theses. He has been a reviewer of PhD theses in Greek and foreign universities and scientific proposals for the EU, NATO and funding agencies in Greece, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, France, Germany, Switzerland, the USA and the UK.
He received a fellowship from the Onassis Foundation and the IKY for his PhD thesis, and an EU Marie-Curie fellowship for post-doctoral studies in Germany. He also received the Haagen-Smit Award 2014 and the Ecopolis/Ecocity Award, 2016 for his scientific work.
He is Vice-Chair of the International Aerosol Committee (IARA) and National Representative to the JRC (Joint Research Center) and the EU (climate change).