Dimitra Kogkidou

Professor of psychology, Faculty of Education, School of Primary Education. President of AUTh Gender & Equality Committee

Dimitra Kogkidou, Professor of Psychology (with emphasis in designing psychosocial interventions), School of Primary Education, Faculty of Education, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (A.U.Th), Greece.
Dimitra Kogidou is mainly involved in research work on issues of poverty and social exclusion, families and family policies (with emphasis on single parent families), as well as on gender studies (with emphasis on issues of antisexist education, gender identities and discrimination, gender violence, homophobia /transphobia, gender and toys) and has published a great number of articles on the above issues. She teaches courses about gender identities, gender and education, families, antisexist education, social exclusion and gender and toys.
She was Dean of the Faculty of Education, Director of the Postgraduate Program of Studies at the School of Primary Education and today is president of AUTh Gender & Equality Committee.