Festival 2021

Dear friends,

Welcome to our 4th multi-thematic festival on “Human Connections and Community in a Fragile and Vulnerable Era”. The basic idea of the theme as well as all the areas that make up the skeleton of the festival emerged this year as a demand from the times themselves, which have never been so marginal, on many levels, as they are now. With a pandemic that is killing or creating chronic symptoms, it is dividing and questioning science itself, which is experiencing its own civil war and mutual questioning. With the climate crisis and its consequences, confirming the predictions of major research organisations and environmental scientists, who have been sounding the alarm bells since the last decade. With social distancing, tensions and polarisation, desolation of essential human relationships, domestic violence and femicide, with a shocking frequency. A society that now lives online for most of its daily life, within the family, in the realm of education and work, entertainment and relationships.

From the beginning as a group, we believed and decided to act with the best knowledgeable materials at our disposal, to set our principles, our goodwill and our enthusiasm as a basis and to work with the community because we believe that the solution lies there. We have never forgotten where most of us came from, our own crises, fear, emptiness and loneliness, and we have managed to cross the bridge to life itself, which always cares and provides. We believe that a collective awakening and movement of the community would provide what modern man needs: Safety and ways to live better in relationship and connection with his fellow travelers on this short journey through life. Community can empower, embrace, forgive, educate and transform these foci that languish within its context, at the risk of its literal or symbolic demise. No home, no single person, or group, can achieve anything meaningful unless they relate as individuals freely and autonomously within the community.

On this basis, we felt that our festival should be organized in such a way that it should be based on the pillars that constitute the community itself. We decided to invite representatives of these key pillars, which for cultural and political reasons are considered to be unrelated or not interacting. However, we believe that they have a common origin and a common destiny and that they interact in one way or another. We have dared to invite the children of these sectors, the children of the community itself, to share with us what we need to hear again as a group and as a society, all together. To feel hope, to feel the pure goodness of ourselves and our brother or fellow man beside us, because we have never needed him and he has never needed us as much as we do today.

It is nevertheless the time when we can seize the opportunity, however paradoxical and “unscientific” it may sound, to give meaning to our lives by colouring them. Real meaning, without limitations and discounts. To finally live as we wish, defining our own way, in the context of our coexistence with others.

At the festival that will be held online again this year, we will all be there to listen, to share, to be moved, to learn. Do not hesitate to suggest ideas to become better and we will always be available, in whatever you need.

Welcome and we wish to have a good time!

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